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The fastest and most efficient way to a full denture

You can start with an existing denture, impressions, intraoral scan or models. The selection and alignment of the teeth rows is based on the information obtained from the patient.

Break new ground in work preparation!

Your digital workflow begins with the planning of the preparatory aids for the dentist. An accurate interocclusal record and impressions are very important for the correct design and manufacture of dentures, whether analog or digital. Minimize potential errors from the beginning of your workflow by processing digitally supported functional trays and bite templates

Individual functional trays

Create digital offsets with stops or a perfectly fitting base
Digitally edit tray flow channels for the impression material
Various tray geometry available

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Individual bite registration

Software-driven jaw relationship proposal
Without pre-bite registration
Create digital offsets
Digitally edit tray flow channels for the impression material
Can also be used as an impression tray at the same time
Various tray design geometry available

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Pin-point registration

Software-driven jaw relationship proposal
Without pre-bite registration
Undercut control
Virtual etching of the vibrating line (palatalseal)
Various pin-point registration geometry available

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Be a part of this trendsetting technology!

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Jaw Scan Preparations

  • Scan cutting and repairment
  • Scan registration
  • Alignment to occlusioin plane
  • Visualization and removal of undercuts

Model Analysis

  • Alveolar ridge line generation
  • Definition of other important features for functional denture design



Prothesis Generation

  • Outlining of the denture border
  • Find and evaluate preset tooth setup (teethmaster)
  • Generation of a denture base with gingiva
  • Generation of pockets for inserting teeth

Occlusal Correction

  • Dynamic occlusion analysis with virtual articulator
  • Visualization and removal of occlusions with antagonist teeth



Digital Finishing

  • Editing with free-forming tools
  • Palate fold generation

Export for Various CAM Techniques

  • Milled base + milled teeth
  • Milled base + prefab teeth
  • Printed base + prefab teeth
  • Printed base + milled teeth
  • Printed try in



Guided Preparation for Print-Jobs

  • Direct launch of Hornet Studio with generated denture objects
  • Automated configuration of scene layout and support structures

Connect Operate

One management cockpit to have all your projects under control.

Hornet Studio

One 3D Printing Slicer Software for all industries.
Advanced Support Management.
Realtime operations.

Connect Factory

Bust your high-quality production center for dentures with additional functionality with Connect Factory.

Connect Online

Directly order cases from your preferred milling center over the web.