Connect Factory

Seamless dataflow for Production

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Define your portfolio

  • Specify which reconstruction types and materials you are using
  • Define parameters important for your milling center
  • Share configurations with your clients

Customer management

  • Invite clients to register as your customers
  • Manage internal customers
  • Let customers find and contact you



Open Connectivity

  • Use the products you already have in your milling center
  • Connect your production flow to your client's data

Quality control

  • Four eyes principle
  • Declaration of conformity



Work together

  • Usage of network folders
  • Check-In/Check-Out for save data exchange
  • Control the progress of your cases and log changes

Manage your Add-On products

  • Use your own data and images to sell add-on products
  • Present your portfolio to your clients



Price management

  • Configure price lists specific for different groups of clients
  • Define materials in use in your milling center
  • Manage resellers


  • Automatized control of your flow
  • Optimize usage of your milling machines



News and Apps

  • Promote what is important for your business
  • Show Software available for your clients to download

Connect Operate

One management cockpit to have all your projects under control.

Shark Studio

Bust your high-quality production center for dentures with additional functionality with Connect Factory.

Hornet Studio

One 3D Printing Slicer Software for all industries.
Advanced Support Management.
Realtime operations.

Connect Online

Directly order cases from your preferred milling center over the web.